What is the DELE exam and Why should I take it?

What is the DELE exam?

You may be wondering what DELE means. This acronym stands for ā€˜Diploma de EspaƱol como Lengua Extranjeraā€™ (Diploma of Spanish as a Second Language). Itā€™s considered an official diploma issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and it certifies your exact level in Spanish. The Instituto Cervantes organizes examination sessions, while the exams are designed and corrected by the University of Salamanca. Both institutions guarantee a high-quality standard and a supervised framework.

Why taking the DELE?

Doesnā€™t sound amazing getting an official diploma of the second most spoken language worldwide? Think about all the time, money and effort that you have already invested to learn a new language. The exam preparation takes an extra time, money and effort but it is worthy because you get the international recognition you are looking for and also a personal language goal to achieve.

A well-known and recognised language diploma could help you out in many different fields and sectors, like getting a job position, upgrading your professional career, in your studies by having access to a public or private university (for any degree or Master program), getting a better position on public examinations or even having access to a scholarship or grant.

Moreover, the DELE certificate has a permanent validity, it doesnā€™t expire so you donā€™t need to worry about retaking the exam in few years ahead.



This international diploma is prestigious and recognised by private and public institutions worldwide. As well as the business companies and the chambers of commerce at all levels.

We strongly recommend you to get familiar with the structure and functioning of the tests. Preparing yourself to take the test not also requires a certain level of the Spanish language but also, by taking mock exams you have to put into practise different techniques in order to manage the strategies. Usually, learners look for certified examiners in order to get help to prepare the exam, receive accurate feedback and practical advice.

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